Nepal: A Tourist’s Manual

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Nepal: A Tourist’s Manual

by Amanda summers

Have you ever gone to a new place and then come home and start telling a friend about what you did? Have you ever had that friend tell you something like how much better it would have been if only you knew there was chocolate Mo: Mo: in Pokhara? Oh Ya, chocolate mo: mo! As I ventured out I would be fascinated by the new things I would see and do that I made hundreds of mistakes in the first few months. When you waste time in Nepal something simple can become a quest/adventure.

If you are coming to Nepal our eBook, Nepal: A Tourist’s Manual is guaranteed to help your trip to be richer, safer and more enjoyable. We give a full, money back, guarantee on it. If you find it doesn’t help you as much as you hope, just send for a refund-even if your trip gets canceled.
You will get a PDF (4MB) file.

$ 19.95

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