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There are so many things we could do for our village if we only had some seed money. Our village, Changunarayan in Nepal, isn’t a village with starving people or anything like that. These are subsistence farmers and merchants; proud Newar people living in the beautiful Kathmandu Valley.

After the earthquakes of 2015 I founded an NGO – Kay Garnay for Nepal. We do tree planting, provide hardship gifts for villagers to go to the hospital or the local school, and host volunteers who work with us on various small projects: we do village clean-up days, put up mirrors on these hazardous hairpin mountain roads; have a library/play room for the local children and have computer classes in our library; our volunteers have built over 50 shelters for earthquake victims.

We currently support a village in Upper Dolpa – near the China border, where there is hardly enough air to grow a crop. We are donating to Ku Village to help make a greenhouse and solar electric for the school and village. Currently, only the school has electricity, just a few small lamps. One of the best things about Nepal is how little money it takes to help.

We are asking for seed money in order to promote Nepal’s art and handicrafts cottage industry. Many of the traditional Nepali crafts are being pirated and imported from China. Our quality artisans and craftsmen have to compete on the world market while not being able to export their own work. Nepalis are not able to do internet banking due to their banking system being on the Swift Code system (no routing number). Unless they are very wealthy, Nepali are not able to open an international bank account. Like many other developing nations, rupees are not allowed to leave Nepal, making international banking impossible. We need to help them join the international marketplace.

I purchased the NepalWebMall.com domain a few years ago, but haven’t had the resources to develop it. We need enough money to be able to put energy into this, research products and create partnerships with the local artisans. Please follow along with us and learn more about what we are doing for this amazing country.

What will we do with our profits after the website is searchable and doing good business? Of course it will provide jobs for families in rural Nepal, but beyond this we will be able to do what we have already been doing, giving computer classes, planting trees, etc., but we will be able to invest enough in the people to change their lives.

Amanda Summers, Kay Garnay for Nepal